Jimmy’s Way

Jimmy’s Way Vision

We inspire to create balance, health, wellness, and harmony in the lives of individuals. In doing so, these people can influence others in raising consciousness, self-awareness, and social change by virtue of living in peace and harmony. First within themselves, and then by example to effect change in their community.

We Bring Wellness To The World

Jimmy is my son and my greatest joy. He passed from his physical body in 2011. Jimmy taught me how to love unconditionally, live peacefully, and to walk this earth spiritually. I have continued to honor his life through teaching students from around the world.


Our goal is to help others see how daily choices – thoughts, words, actions – create the life we live, and ultimately the world around us. With the teachings of yoga and ayurveda my students gain a deeper knowledge of how to live healthier lives.


Yoga provides the methods to how we relate to our surroundings by seeing our true selves. Effort to change what we can, and accept what we cannot. Yoga provides the discipline to focus on the process, and less on the results. This takes willingness and discipline. Machiavelli stated “Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great”.


Ayurveda provides an understanding of our fundamental tendencies, and the “how to” bring balance and health. When we live out of balance with our fundamental makeup, it is believed that “dis-ease” occurs. We gain insight into the tendencies of others in our lives also. Understanding ourselves and others better allows us to live in better harmony with family, co-workers, etc.


We are what we do – we become what we eat. Simple (and free) lifestyle shifts enable us to live happier and healthier lives.

What We Do

We bring a day of these teachings to you in exchange for your charitable donation. Jimmy’s Way partners with two wonderful non-profit organizations:


  • TrueNorth Health is a recovery program for today’s most common diseases primarily caused by lifestyle. TrueNorth Health Foundation focuses on making the world healthier through focus on diet, environment, activity, and psychology.


Your charitable donation will help others learn to live healthy through research and outreach projects. These are two very important areas important for our future society and the environment.


Come learn what nourishes you – body-mind-soul, and how to elevate your life.
Life is about living your best life for yourself and others around you. Maybe you will find answers to questions you didn’t even know you were searching for.

Events Calendar

Join us for a day that will change your life. All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome! Come experience for yourself Marianne’s gifted yoga teaching style, skillfully adapted for everybody in ways that fluidly blend breath with movement.


Donate money to one of our charity partners ($60 minimum). This event includes two extended yoga practices with in-depth learning in the life-giving lessons of traditional yoga, Ayurveda, and more—all in one inspiring, soul-deepening day.

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