Marianne’s Favorite Mat

Enrich your practice by investing in a professional-grade yoga mat.

For the first time, Marianne is happy to share with you this special product. This is the original yoga mat, and the only one Marianne has ever owned.

These mats are made in Germany of high quality rubber. The maker was a carpet pad manufacturer, which turned out to be a perfect material for a high-quality yoga mat. Years ago, Marianne would buy rolls of this material and cut it into mats for her students.

Today you can purchase a mat direct from the original maker’s family—a long-lasting investment in your yoga practice. You can choose from four beautiful colors shown: royal blue, hunter green, light blue, and purple.

• all mats are 69 inches in length
• 2mm yoga mat – $23.
• 4mm yoga mat – $33.
• fat rate shipping – $6.
• total costs will be $29. and $39.

• email –
• call – (800) 666-7547