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Enjoy an exclusive event at the famous Rancho La Puerta

Always growing, always the best

That’s the motto of Rancho la Puerta, one of the world’s top fitness spa destinations. And now I’m thrilled to announce that I’m going to be teaching at the Rancho this April. Want to know more? I can’t wait to tell you.

A Destination Like No Other

I first learned of Rancho la Puerta through my yoga studies. Indra Devi, “the first lady of yoga,” attended the same yoga school in India as my teacher, BKS Iyengar. After graduating from the Krishnamacharya yoga school, Indra Devi lived for a short time in Tecate, Mexico. There, she conducted training courses for yoga practitioners at what has now become the world’s #1 fitness spa destination by Travel + Leisure, 14 years in a row!

Spend a few days at Rancho La Puerta, and you’ll easily understand why! The Ranch, as it’s known by its devotees, is a magical place of peace. It has 4000 acres of lush paths that lovingly guide you through your stay, hiking trails, a sense of spirituality, spacious art and fitness studios, an incredible spa, and several pools (I love the water workouts). And the food! Rancho la Puerta was plant-based before it was a thing. Communal meals are incredibly delicious and nutritious. Along with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, the Ranch serves dairy, eggs, seafood, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Kind, sincere, creative, strong-hearted – it’s a network of souls all together for the greater good. That’s how I feel at the Ranch, with all the staff, in their sweet gentle ways, working to bring each of us the best experience of our lives. Every moment is carefully crafted with a sense of peaceful pleasure within a feeling of aliveness.

Rancho la Puerta and Me

While I knew about Rancho la Puerta, I had never visited until two of my yoga school students told me that I had to go and that the Ranch needed me. Seeking the connection, I was quickly hooked! Rancho la Puerta has authenticity you can feel – the same as my Really Real Yoga®. Now, I too am a Ranch regular.
Here is where my announcement comes in. Each week, the Ranch hosts noted guest speakers, talented performers, and leaders in their field to present learning experiences and evening lectures. April 27 – May 4, 2024, I will be presenting “Inner Fitness – Your Way To Wellness” based on my 30+ years as a teacher of traditional yoga and Ayurveda and everything it entails for the wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

My five-day Inner Fitness series will be fun and informative. I’ll introduce practical life skills that are personalized just for you. All are designed to bring inner balance based on who you are and what you desire in this life. My series accelerates awakening, reconnecting you with a greater sense of purpose and inspiration in your life. This is my passion and my whole life’s work.

I am incredibly proud to be a part of the Rancho la Puerta family. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Join us at Rancho La Puerta

Book a Room during the week of April 27th - May 4th. Mention my name “Marianne Wells” during your booking. Call 800-443-7565 to reserve your week with me at the Ranch.

Meet Marianne – Your E-RYT Instructor

There were a lot of things I wanted to do in my life, and being a yoga teacher in Costa Rica was definitely never one of them! How I ended up here is a story of saying “YES” to the Universe, long before it was trendy to do so, and “SEEING” my path. I get asked all the time, “what is my secret to my success?” My secret ... I say yes to the Universe, I work my ass off, and I go with the flow. There you go, my three step process for success in this lifetime. However simple it may sound on paper, or on a computer screen… here’s the kicker, in order to say yes to the Universe you need to be “tuned-in”. In order to work your ass off you must be willing to do so and find it in yourself to forge on even when things get hard. And to go with the flow, you must have the internal awareness to “see” the side roads as part of the plan on your path. So how did I end up in Costa Rica? My students asked me to create a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. It was not my plan, but I’ve always believed that God can see farther than I could. Putting your trust in a power greater than yourself is a very freeing way to live. It wasn’t without its challenges, but the end result is living proof that it was something much bigger than I. I worked to follow where I saw my path being led – the beautiful country of Costa Rica.
Marianne Wells
E-RYT 500 Certified instructor


“I have to say that I was surprised to say that learning an early routine and starting the day quiet and focused was the BEST! I was introduced to a variety of styles that I hadn’t done before. This was fabulous and I cannot wait to additional 300m in the future.”

Kelly (Spain)

“I have increased and expanded my yoga practice. I gained a much greater knowledge of anatomy and the body in general. This was a fantastically detailed training. I was so struck with how similar the yoga philosophy was to the way I have tried to live my life, and it has resonated with me a great deal. I now feel I am fully prepared to teach yoga to others, and I found the emphasis on precision, anatomy, and form to be the most useful. My biggest surprise from this experience was how much of an impact it has had on me. This past year was extremely difficult for me, personally, but this experience has made all the difference and changed how I live my life.”

Catherine (Netherlands)

“This experience was way more emotional than I had originally thought. I am still overwhelmed by our group community! I met so many phenomenal friends on this journey, and I have seen a difference in my life off the mat as I connect yoga to my everyday life now that I have a deeper understanding of the philosophy, and asanas.”

Jodi (USA)

“Not only was I introduced to a different type of yoga with morning practices, but it was so important with integrating it into my own teaching. The focus on anatomy is huge and took this experience to another level. This is all about the really real yoga way of teaching and learning! I got so much out of this experience in Costa Rica. Thank you very much for a great, transformative two weeks!”

Andy (London)

If you want to become an RYT with Yoga Alliance, or just better your knowledge with a Yoga Training Retreat, we can help.

Join me for a Yoga Training Retreat in Costa Rica

Discover for yourself the rejuvenating effects of “Blue Zone” bliss! Live along side the indigenous community of centenarians, where the pleasures of life are uniquely celebrated as a life well lived. You will delight in knowing that every step of this experience is meticulously managed by Marianne and her husband Ron.

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