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Yoga Oval Blocks

Physically demanding poses seen in yoga can be daunting to a novice.
Thankfully, our yoga egg is a great little helper in assisting many yoga positions.
Our cork yoga egg helps the user to gain extra support to their hips, neck, arms and back to help improve balance, strength and posture.
With the use of this egg, yoga is much more of an accessible type of exercise for those experiencing any physical limitations such as injury.
By adding height yoga egg help to support and stabilise weight during balancing poses.
The yoga egg is stable on each of its sides, so can be placed at different height positions to accommodate for more or less support.
A simple way to reduce the distance between the user and the floor.
Can also be used for reclining postures and supported backbends as they conform beautifully to the arc of one’s back
Assists in establishing the correct alignment with stability.
Cork is naturally a non-slip material.
Suitable for all types of Yoga, Pilates, supporting, stabilising and aligning the body in asanas.
This eco-friendly product is made of 100% cork, which is a highly renewable, biodegradable and recyclable resource, as no trees are cut down in the production of cork because only the cork bark is removed which regrows.

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