Marianne’s Philosophy

Marianne’s Cause, Jimmy’s Way

Jimmy lived his life free of judgement of others—filled with support and love for his family, friends, and friends of friends. Jimmy was a very kind man that gave so much by accepting the burdens of others to help in any way, while bringing laughter to everyone.
Jimmy is my son and my greatest joy. Jimmy taught me how to love unconditionally, live peacefully, and to walk this earth Spiritually. When you think about it, isn’t that what truly living life is all about?
Why are we here? What is our purpose here on earth? How can we best grow in harmony together while moving toward Home?
During Jimmy’s freshman orientation, I was excited to learn that I could take classes from his University for free. Jimmy had that look like, “Mom you’re not going to be in class with me, are you?” I assured him I would not take freshman classes, but as it turned out, I did. Without knowing it, I registered for a freshman philosophy class.
Both Jimmy and I registered for PHIL115 – Philosophy of the Human Spirit. Jimmy and I had discussions about our first day of class and what our professors were requiring us to read and learn. It was in those chats with Jim that I learned that he had read the Bhagavad Gita in the sixth grade. Jimmy, as a young boy, advised me that God was not in the sky, he was in my Soul.
Jimmy had a very specific path in his 28 years as my son. He was sweet, kind, peaceful, loving, wicked smart, and, most of all, loved by all. Jimmy was always the hub in every circle he was a part of. Jimmy was, and is, the calm, silent center within all of us. Jimmy’s energy lives on, as we, the lucky ones who knew him, walk forward in our lives with Jimmy by our side. Remember, “You will never move forward if you keep going back.”
Our first Jimmy’s Way Benefit on June 23, 2012 raised $5,317. We awarded three scholarships in Jimmy’s name for students to attend the University of Saint Thomas School of Engineering- Jimmy was so proud to be a graduate of this school holding a degree in Electrical Engineering.
“Home is where I want to be” are words from Jimmy’s favorite song, “Home is where I want to be, and your standing Here beside me” are the words on his memorial plaque by the tree we planted on the corner of Summit Avenue and Mississippi Boulevard—home to the University of Saint Thomas and the happiest days of Jimmy’s life in Saint Paul Minnesota, his favorite place here on earth. Moving forward is my purpose here on earth. It is to help guide you on your journey Home.