If you want to become an RYT with Yoga Alliance, or just better your knowledge with a Yoga Training Retreats, we can help.

Meet Marianne – Your E-RYT Instructor

Being named "The best Yoga Teacher Training Retreats in Costa Rica” has been decades in the making. I studied with BKS Iyengar, Desikachar, Pandit Tigunait, Gurmukh -  learning from these great masters of yoga. Most importantly how to bring those teaching into my life and pass them along to you has become my passion, my purpose! I’m here to show you how to be the best version of yourself through discovering who you are and why your soul chose your body in this lifetime. Our yoga training retreats help you open up to this new journey. In knowing why we truly are, there is a devout honesty and authenticity in your yoga teaching. At Marianne Wells Yoga School we go way beyond the asanas, bringing the teachings of yoga and Ayurveda to life and how they relate to your life today. Learn how to be a great yoga teacher at our YTT retreats, and you will learn how to eat, sleep, love, practice, breathe, meditate, and know your purpose here on earth! Join me in a beautiful destination, and let’s raise the vibration of this planet and the universe as a whole.
Marianne Wells
E-RYT 500 Certified instructor


“Thank you for motivating me and reaffirming my love for yoga. Thank you for being beautiful and resilient and serving people that don’t yet understand their capacity for change and inspiration. I am forever changed by this experience, and ready to live the life I love because you taught me that no one can get in the way but me. I have continued to find healing and endless love throughout my journey.”

Jill (United Kingdom)

“I’ve learned the value of Really Real Yoga! Marianne teaches you what yoga is all about. My heart has grown so much. I am forever grateful for Marianne, Ron and the teaching assistants who took care of us.”

Anna (Sweden)

Our Retreats have Certified Thousands of Instructors

With over 25+ Years of Experience, Marianne Wells Yoga School has certified thousands of yoga instructors in beautiful destination retreats like Bali, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico and more.

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