Marianne Wells

About Your Instructor

I’ve always been a firm believer in following your heart. I went down the path of becoming a teacher, mentor, and friend to the yoga community decades ago. Today, I share that passion and knowledge with others, in beautiful, exotic locations around the world.

Registered Yoga School RYT

What my students say about me

I’ve always shared in the joy that my students leave with me. There is something about the completion of a training that bonds us, and brings us together for years to come.

“I enjoyed waking up and beginning each day with quiet, focused intentions. It helped me set the mood for my learning and my connections to the other community members there. We learned so much about the anatomy, Chakras, and the history of yoga. It was an experience unlike any before. Truly transformational. Thank you for your support, Marianne.”

Join Thousands of Certified Instructors

With over 25+ Years of Experience, Marianne Wells Yoga School has certified thousands of yoga instructors in beautiful destinations like Bali.

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