Sedona Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat in arizona

An Experience Like No Other in Beautiful Sedona

Retreat with me in Sedona, AZ where the land is as rich in color as it is in energetic vibrations.

A place of soulful rejuvenation, Sedona attracts seekers of all kinds. Spiritual seekers, healers, intuitives, and artists are drawn to Sedona to experience the many vortex sites. Experience enhanced meditations, soul-nourishing power – a deeper consciousness just being among the land.

Indigenous tribes understood that the space of the vortexes was translucent and accessible. They used the uplifting power of the portals to seek other dimensions. Their ancient traditions were attuned to the soothing strong psychic energy that enhances self-awareness and consciousness.

Sedona is the perfect place to connect with nature and your true nature. The strong magnetic forces naturally cleanse and balance the mind-body-spirit. A deeper sense of awakening washes through you, bringing a peaceful inspiration within.

Many people come to Sedona to experience personal renewal and discover something larger than themselves. Discover for yourself why Sedona is one of the world’s greatest hotspots for self-healing and self-exploration. Immerse yourself in one of Marianne’s life-changing retreats carefully designed to replenish your spirit, awakening inner peace within.

Join us in majestic Sedona, Arizona for a Yoga Retreat like no other

Meet Marianne – Your E-RYT Instructor

For the deeply devoted students of yoga, a pilgrimage to India is inevitable. For me that journey was planned and derailed three times. The first was when my children were young, and braces out bid my funds for a trip. The second was the tragedy of 9-11, and the third was my sister's passing. I am a firm believer in listening to the Universe. I always accepted knowing that the divine plan for my spiritual growth was something more. A path I had not yet seen in my life. It was an Ayurveda Astrologist (Vedic astrology known as Jyoti astrology) who brought to my attention that India was not the right place for me, and that was the reason why my trips never happened. “Those trips were not meant to be”. He informed me that my spiritual journey would take place on an island in Indonesia, Bali. I tucked his reading away in my desk and never gave much thought, until… A dear student who has become a daughter to me, you know her as Holly my amazing photographer. I gave Holly the task to find me a location in Costa Rica or Jamaica. She returned with her face sparkling in joy and showed me a list of locations, all in Bali! I remembered my reading and knew that this was the time the Universe had in mind. Bali, the island of the gods, exotic, tranquil, rich in spiritual traditions, and the best part “Bali brings me back to me.”
Marianne Wells
E-RYT 500 Certified instructor


I’ve been taking yoga for eight years now, never have I felt the love as with Marianne’s teachings.

Tracy (Canada)

“I arrived to this training already 200RYT by Core Power Yoga. I can’t believe how much more I learned from Marianne and Ron!!! At CP we were taught to memorize scripts, at Marianne Wells Yoga School we were taught anatomy and how it applies to the individual, mental fluctuations and dosha imbalances and how those apply to the individual. I always struggled because I knew there was more to yoga, Marianne and Ron are the source for so much more than simple knowledge, they are the source of wisdom from yogas origins and from decades of experience in teaching yoga. Thank you for this beautiful journey.”

Lucy (Spain)

“I’ve learned the value of Really Real Yoga! Marianne teaches you what yoga is all about. My heart has grown so much. I am forever grateful for Marianne, Ron and the teaching assistants who took care of us.”

Anna (Sweden)

“Marianne’s morning classes were magical. I am a first responder, however, this training gave me a deeper physical understanding of my own body. I really enjoyed the sutras. The activities we did helped to raise our vibrations and awareness. Marianne has the power to not only facilitate an amazing experience, she can also read and channel energy in a nurturing environment. Really Real Yoga® approach gave me the confidence and foundation to become the yoga teacher I want to be and know I can be. This whole experience was really “life skills” in a yoga package. This experience made me think deeply on my own health and life. I am returning home empowered to make changes that I have needed to in my life for some time now. Marianne and Ron, you are changing lives with your work and I feel privileged to have had this opportunity.”

Megan (London)

Join me for your Sedona Yoga Retreat in Arizona

Experience for yourself an exotic journey that is both inspiring and unforgettable! A destination like no other, your yoga retreat journey in Sedona will be a passage of inner discovery that will embrace you on all levels, body-mind-soul. Are you ready to experience the Really Real difference? Learning to live mindfully balanced for the rest of your life!

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