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Join me in a tropical paradise that will sooth your senses and rejuvenate your soul. Get away to one the most biodiverse places on earth, where you will enjoy warm weather, mountain views, sounds of the jungle filled with birds and monkeys, and lush palm trees along miles of unspoiled beaches. 
Pura Vida (literally pure life or good life) is the motto that Costa Ricans use as a greeting or farewell. Pura Vida is living in the present moment with gratitude, and an optimistic outlook that everything will be okay.
Travel to one of the world’s Blue Zones – renowned for living long and healthy lives in harmony with the rising and setting sun. We honor this lifestyle by coming into community quickly with a focus on healthy diet, a variety of yoga practices, and days filled with educational experiences that support one’s well-being and expand your view of the world. Your possibilities are endless after this life-changing yoga teacher training.
For 20 years Costa Rica has allowed us to experience going with the flow of the universe – an uncomplicated way of living during our yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Come join us in this unique location recognized as one of the top yoga destinations in the world. Enjoy the spectacular views, luxurious accommodations, freshly prepared and healthy meals, days filled with immersive experiences, and a community of like-minded people from around the world.
Whether your goal is to deepen your yoga practice and understanding, or to teach yoga with an in-depth knowledge passed along from an experience yoga teacher (and teacher of thousands of yoga teachers)- you can find your path with Marianne Wells Yoga School. We provide a training experience that will challenge you to expand your view of yoga, in a comfortable location filled with nature’s abundance to inspire and support you along each step of your personal journey.

Yoga Training Costa Rica Details

Most frequent questions and answers for our RYT Costa Rica Certification Retreat
For travel to Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort  or Finca Austria in Nosara Costa Rica in Guanacaste Province on the Pacific coast:
Arrival and departure dates for trainings located in Nosara, Costa Rica are listed on the individual training sessions, located on the Calendar and Registration page. 
  • The airport you will fly into is Daniel Oduber International Airport located in Liberia, Guanacaste Province (airport code LIR).
  • Arrive to Liberia at least by the Friday prior to training start date. If traveling from more than 4 time zones way, we recommend arrival on Thursday prior to training start date to allow for rest and adjustment to the new time zone.   
  • Group bus departs Liberia at 9:30am, traveling to Nosara in around 2.5 hours. Specific details on pick up locations and times will be emailed prior to training.
  • Alternatively- you may consider flying to Juan Santamaria International Airport located in San Jose (airport code SJO).  From there you can connect to a domestic flight on Sansa Airlines directly to Nosara Airport (airport code NOB).  Please note that you must have two hours layover between flights to allow for immigration, baggage claim, customs and travel to the domestic terminal adjacent to the international terminal.
  • Taxi service for ~ $20 USD from Nosara Airport to Bodhi Tree or Finca Austria Nosara in advance.
  • If traveling on your own, plan to arrive to Nosara by 12:30 pm.
  • Group ground transportation is included in your cost, provided you are available at bus departure times early mornings.
  • Your departure flight from Liberia (LIR) airport should be no earlier than 1:00 pm on departure day to allow for transit time and pre-boarding check-in requirements.

Recommended hotel very near the Liberia airport is the Hilton Garden Inn Liberia Airport .  Free airport shuttle service is available every 30 minutes.

There is free fiber optic cable supplied Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.

A short distance from the beach by bike or shuttle.  Finca Austria is located in the hilltops overlooking the Nosara River valley with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean in the distance – about a 10 minute drive to the beach.

What is the difference between your 200 & 300 programs?
Our foundational 200 hour yoga teacher training is a wonderful introduction to the rich history of  yoga.  You will learn why the ancient teachings are relevant today and how to apply them to your everyday life and in teaching others.  Teaching techniques, study of energetic systems (chakras and doshas), study of anatomy that is most relevant for a yoga teacher to know are hallmarks of our 200 hour training.
Our 300 hour yoga teacher training retreats are divided into three 100 hour modules. Each designed to bring you much deeper into your study of yoga, both in teaching and in personal lifestyle practice. Advance your understaning, personal practice, and teaching technique with these three deeper dives into yoga.
Can I take the modules in any order?
Yes! Marianne specifically design this advanced training to be extremely flexible. Each module stands on its own.  The advanced modular program is designed to fit the needs and interests – in the time allotted to each retreat, the period of study in preparation, the application of each module into your personal practice and teaching, and the approach to each of the distinctive modules.
Can I attend the advanced training modules if my 200 hour training is from another school?
Yes you can! If you did not attend Marianne Wells Yoga School for your 200 hour YTT,  we request that you speak to Marianne in advance of registration. We want to confirm that your prior school 200 hour training  taught yoga philosophy and applied anatomy, and created a sequence and taught it as part of your prior curriculum guidelines. If your prior training did not cover these topics in depth, it may simply mean that you may need to work a bit more in preparation for these advanced modules.
Can I take one of your modules for 100 hours credit?
Yes. At the end of each module you will receive a 100 hour certificate from Marianne Wells Yoga school. However know that there is no such thing under the Yoga Alliance guidelines as a 400-RYT. The Yoga Alliance has “200-RYT” and “300-RYT” and + “500 E-RYT” That is all. So if you take just one module you can use those hours as continuing education credits.
What else, other than take your modules, is required to complete my 300?
For each module there are pre attendance assignments. They are not complicated. They are designed to help shift your mind into the modules teachings. There is nothing you need to do after you take a modular training retreat.
What kind of support do I have before and after the training modules?
Each training forms a kula of like-minded people from around the world. We use Facebook and Insta gram, and LinkedIn to stay connected, both in personal and professional settings.  Many students meet through our training,  and forge personal and business relationships. We also offer lifelong professional mentoring to our students.  With students in over 60 countries around the world, it is getting easier each year to meet a teacher that attended Marianne Wells Yoga School.  It’s a beautiful thing!
How much time do I have to complete the three modules to earn my 300?
Five years is recommended. The best thing you can do for yourself is to commit with dedication to this process. Ideally, if you could take one module each year, and process of the teachings from that module, you will have absorbed and implement the teachings into your life.

Costa Rica YTT Instructor Retreat Package

Shared lodging with dorm, double, triple, and quad rooms available. Includes air conditioning

Costa Rica LUX instructor retreat Package

Get our deluxe single lodging with private room and en suite bathroom. Includes air conditioning. 

200 300 Yoga Alliance Retreat Costa Rica

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Our Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica Retreats fill up months in advance. Register today to ensure your space in our class.

Meet Marianne – Your E-RYT Instructor

There were a lot of things I wanted to do in my life, and being a yoga teacher in Costa Rica was definitely never one of them! How I ended up here is a story of saying “YES” to the Universe, long before it was trendy to do so, and “SEEING” my path. I get asked all the time, “what is my secret to my success?” My secret ... I say yes to the Universe, I work my ass off, and I go with the flow. There you go, my three step process for success in this lifetime. However simple it may sound on paper, or on a computer screen… here’s the kicker, in order to say yes to the Universe you need to be “tuned-in”. In order to work your ass off you must be willing to do so and find it in yourself to forge on even when things get hard. And to go with the flow, you must have the internal awareness to “see” the side roads as part of the plan on your path. So how did I end up in Costa Rica? My students asked me to create a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. It was not my plan, but I’ve always believed that God can see farther than I could. Putting your trust in a power greater than yourself is a very freeing way to live. It wasn’t without its challenges, but the end result is living proof that it was something much bigger than I. I worked to follow where I saw my path being led – the beautiful country of Costa Rica.
Marianne Wells
E-RYT 500 Certified instructor


“I have to say that I was surprised to say that learning an early routine and starting the day quiet and focused was the BEST! I was introduced to a variety of styles that I hadn’t done before. This was fabulous and I cannot wait to additional 300m in the future.”

Kelly (Spain)

“I have increased and expanded my yoga practice. I gained a much greater knowledge of anatomy and the body in general. This was a fantastically detailed training. I was so struck with how similar the yoga philosophy was to the way I have tried to live my life, and it has resonated with me a great deal. I now feel I am fully prepared to teach yoga to others, and I found the emphasis on precision, anatomy, and form to be the most useful. My biggest surprise from this experience was how much of an impact it has had on me. This past year was extremely difficult for me, personally, but this experience has made all the difference and changed how I live my life.”

Catherine (Netherlands)

“This experience was way more emotional than I had originally thought. I am still overwhelmed by our group community! I met so many phenomenal friends on this journey, and I have seen a difference in my life off the mat as I connect yoga to my everyday life now that I have a deeper understanding of the philosophy, and asanas.”

Jodi (USA)

“Not only was I introduced to a different type of yoga with morning practices, but it was so important with integrating it into my own teaching. The focus on anatomy is huge and took this experience to another level. This is all about the really real yoga way of teaching and learning! I got so much out of this experience in Costa Rica. Thank you very much for a great, transformative two weeks!”

Andy (London)

If you want to become an RYT with Yoga Alliance, or just better your knowledge with a Yoga Training Retreat, we can help.

Join me for a Yoga Training Retreat in Costa Rica

Discover for yourself the rejuvenating effects of “Blue Zone” bliss! Live along side the indigenous community of centenarians, where the pleasures of life are uniquely celebrated as a life well lived. You will delight in knowing that every step of this experience is meticulously managed by Marianne and her husband Ron.

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