Receive your Yoga Alliance Certification, at a beautiful Yoga Teacher Training Retreat.

Learn to live the life you love! Authentic, whole, complete!

Marianne Wells Yoga School

Welcome! Marianne Wells Yoga School’s 200 hour yoga teacher training retreat and advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training are open to everyone. We are passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with the world and are excited to have the opportunity to share it with you.

Please take your time exploring our site – get to know Marianne, about her Really Real Yoga® philosophy, the curricula of her yoga teacher trainings, and what it’s like to complete your teacher training.

Follow your desire to deepen your knowledge of yoga’s teachings in a caring and sharing environment with other like-minded individuals. This is a yoga teacher training retreat at its best!

Discover the peace. Discover the balance. Discover how to bring them to others.

“I’ve been taking yoga for eight years now, never have I felt the love as with Marianne’s teachings.”



"Marianne and Ron create a wonderful experience and I would recommend their school to anyone wishing to immerse themselves in Yoga Teacher Training!"



“Marianne's training was the best experience of my life…physically challenging, mentally stimulating, spiritually uplifting!”



“I was diagnosed with MS three years ago, and I have regular pain as a result. These two weeks with Marianne, living the yoga-Ayurveda lifestyle, have been my first pain-free weeks in three years.”



“Twenty years of Iyengar yoga, and I never felt the love and light as I did with Marianne. Marianne showed me what moving with breath and motion and body is all about.”



“Everyday Marianne and Ron taught me about new ways to work with the physical body! I am very excited to bring what I learned back to Sweden and my physio patients.”

Jonna G


“I’ve learned the value of Really Real Yoga! Marianne teaches you what yoga is all about. My heart has grown so much. I am forever grateful for Marianne, Ron and the teaching assistants who took care of us.”



“Marianne teaches you to be more than just an average vinyasa teacher.”



“From the moment I arrived at Marianne’s training, I felt I was exactly where I was meant to be. Beyond learning asana and anatomy, I traveled back to my heart and this gave me courage and strength to live my life differently. Both literately and figuratively, I learned to dance again.”



"I’ve practiced yoga for 12 years, and lived in 3 countries, never have I experienced yoga to the depth that Marianne teaches. YTT has been incredible experience. Everyone is so supportive- thank you Marianne for making us better people and better teachers. We really are learning the foundations of yoga. Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom with us."



Vast Experience

My path has taken me far beyond yoga studio teaching. I’ve taught pre-schoolers to high schoolers, worked with professional sports teams on football and soccer fields, in dance studios bring the gift of yoga to dancers bodies, physical therapy clinics, mental health groups, eating disorder clinics, cancer groups, hospitals, and senior homes. I’ve taught at federal prisons, support groups for PTSD, and grief. I’ve taught at five star resorts throughout the Caribbean and YMCA basements. Whatever your reason for being here, and attending a YTT, chances are, I have the experience to lead you, guide you, into what ever your heart desires.

“We love working with Marianne, she is one of the few schools that actually follow our directions on setting up their training and processing students.” Yoga Alliance Certified

“We’ve seen a lot of yoga teachers over the years, Marianne is special, Marianne has a gift.”

Haramara Yoga Retreat

“Marianne’s teaching very much match the therapies we offer.”

RYT Kessler Institute

“Marianne Wells Yoga School is one of the top five destination yoga trainings in all the world.”

RYT Yoganonymous

What's Included With Every Retreat

Becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor is an exhilarating journey into the mind, body, and soul. We cover an extensive training regimen, while building lifelong relationships. We’ve crafted the best training program through 20 years of experience in teaching our Yoga Alliance accredited curriculum.

Yoga Alliance Certified

Yoga Alliance Certification

Official credentials and certification from Yoga Alliance.

yoga retreat lifelong mentoring

Lifelong Mentoring

Tap into the wisdom of Marianne’s vast experience.

training daily yoga

Daily Yoga

Practice yoga as taught by the great masters.

yoga retreat asana lab

Asana Lab

Understand the actions within the forms and how to teach them.

yoga retreat chakra

Chakra Experiences

Discover how the energetic layers of our being influence our world.

Yoga Philosophy

More than asana, understand why we do yoga and what it means in our modern existence.

yoga retreat hands on anatomy

Hands on Anatomy

Learn how the body works and why it is important for a yoga teacher to know.

yoga retreat chanting meditation

Meditation & Chanting

Learn to calm the fluctuations of the mind through these ancient practices.

Gourmet Meals

Delicious organic diet daily.

yoga retreat ayurveda lifestyle

Ayurveda Lifestyle

A holistic approach to living in harmony, understand your tendencies and how to bring balance to your life.
business of yoga

Business of Yoga

Launching your personal brand and business.

yoga retreat really real yoga

Training Manual

A workbook that will remain valuable for the rest of your life.

Experience Speaks

There is no substitute for experience, both in teaching yoga and in leading yoga teacher trainings. Our curriculum and daily schedule has been crafted with the input of leading educators from around the world. Each day builds on the prior days’ learning, with synergies from each subject taught to provide the optimal learning environment. Are you ready to experience yoga as it was meant to be? A path back into yourSelf, learning the true art and science of yoga, discovering your life’s purpose and finding joy in everyday… if so, welcome to Really Real Yoga®

years of experience
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Marianne has been training yoga instructors for over 25 years

Happy Students
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Our students now teach in over 60 countries, having found the deeper meaning and love for yoga. The Really Real Yoga® experience is a profound step to wholeness and a better life.

Yoga Retreats Every Year
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The longest continually operating yoga school in Central America, Marianne Wells Yoga School is now expanding our retreats to Bali, Spain, and Mexico.

Marianne's Yoga Blog

Yoga Foundation for Feet

Foundation for Feet

The foundation of all asana is the spine - but for today’s discussion, we will shift to consider the feet...

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