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Imagine the magic of practicing yoga on a tropical island, where the warm Caribbean sun sparkles on the dancing waves of the ocean, and the refreshing tropical breezes guide you towards a deeper understanding. Your entire experience is elevated by the peaceful sounds of nature, rejuvenating your spirit and helping you rediscover your inner balance once more.
The Dominican Republic is  a tropical paradise of breathtaking beaches, turquoise waters, sunshine, and local hospitality. Dominicans are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. Their exuberant energy and passion for life welcomes travelers into the delight of island life. Working alongside these locals, we’ve created a warm and supportive environment for you to experience laid-back luxury.
Every all-inclusive resort I collaborate with offers a serene atmosphere without being completely cut off from the rest of the world. I meticulously choose destinations that exude a sense of tranquility, allowing you to relax, reconnect with nature, clear your mind, cherish delightful moments, and gain a fresh outlook on life. 

Dominican Republic resorts I’ve worked with and recommend:

Sanctuary Cap Cana

Zoetry Agua Punta Cana

Dominican Republic Yoga Training Details

Most frequent questions and answers for our Dominican Republic Certification Retreat

Flights + Ground Transportation

While there are seven international airports, most resorts travelers will fly into: Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) or La Romana Casa De Campo International Airport (LRM).

Ground transportation will always be provided as a part of my retreats.

Seasonal Weather + Packing

When is the best time of year to travel to the Dominican Republic? There are two main seasons in the DR. The peak travel season, December to April, is considered the dry season. May to November is the wet season. I prefer traveling during shoulder seasons (May and November) because fewer people are traveling at this time.

What to pack when traveling to the Dominican Republic? Most importantly, prescription medicines and pills you take daily. Also, bring for ailments such as flu, stomach infection, fever, etc. Keep in mind that more rain equals more mosquito activity, so pack bug repellent. As for clothing, I’m a big believer in packing light, less is more – travel time is experience time. If you are someone who packs an abundance of outfits and accessories to go with, make sure you weigh your luggage. Give yourself at least five pounds wiggle room so you have weight space for what you might purchase while abroad. Don’t forget a good hat and sunglasses!

Food + Drinking Water

Is it safe to drink the water in the Dominican Republic? In the Dominican Republic tap water is not considered safe to drink, this includes ice made from tap water, fruit, and salads washed by the tap water. Keep this in mind when brushing your teeth, use the bottled water provided by the resort. Generally speaking, the better the resort the safer the water. It is always best to play it safe, I have invested in a reusable purifying water bottle.

Is it safe to eat seafood in the Dominican Republic? If you are going to eat seafood, ocean seafood is the only safe seafood. Stay away from raw fish (ceviche) because lime juice does not guarantee safety in tropical climates.

These are general precautions for the Dominican Republic as a whole. When I travel to the DR, I only stay at 4.5 / 5-star resorts, I enjoy an abundance of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, tropical drinks filled with safe-to-consume ice, and properly prepared seafood. Follow these simple tips and you can indulge with peace of mind. Enjoy!

Wi-Fi + Electronics

How is the wi-fi in the Dominican Republic? Since COVID-19, most resorts have invested in faster wi-fi. If you are planning on staying connected, you should have no problem in the populated areas.

Do I need to bring electrical converters to the Dominican Republic? No. The DR operates on a 120V supply voltage, so you don’t need a voltage converter in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic YTT Instructor Retreat Package

Comfortable dorms, double, triple, and quad rooms available. Includes air conditioning

Dominican Republic instructor retreat Package

Get our deluxe single lodging with private room and en suite bathroom. Includes air conditioning. 

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Meet Marianne – Your E-RYT Instructor

A leader in the yoga community, I have been teaching yoga for more than 30 years, drawing on the traditions of Bhakti, Tantra, Hatha and Vinyasa to help bring the ancient universal wisdom of yoga to modern seekers. What the Ancients called the sacred path has become a way of life for me. It’s about learning how to experience and promote a peaceful connection between the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and discovering who we are and why we are here. My multidimensional yoga trainings will inspire you to live from your heart, to find your peaceful inner strength and to see the unity within our diversity – that we are all One.
Marianne Wells
E-RYT 500 Certified instructor


“I feel that I now have a better understanding of the philosophy that I can apply to my own life to make me a better person, and in turn, a better teacher for others. I can weave some big picture morals into Savasana during a class on positive thinking and creating the environment in which you want to live. I came to the teacher training thinking that I would learn more for my personal practice, but I’m happily surprised that I feel comfortable to safely teach those close to me now.”

Phil (Norway)

“I enjoyed waking up and beginning each day with quiet, focused intentions. It helped me set the mood for my learning and my connections to the other community members there. We learned so much about the anatomy, Chakras, and the history of yoga. It was an experience unlike any before. Truly transformational. Thank you for your support, Marianne.”

Sophia (USA)

“I came into this experience with a lot of baggage and searching for something for better in my life. Through this experience I was able to connect with a community mentally, physically, and spiritually. I grew as a human being, and I grew in my yoga practice. I came out of this with the ability to understand that this is just life nothing more, nothing less, so just let that shit go!”

Stephanie (New Zealand)

“Chair yoga really opened my eyes! How Ron and Marianne teach anatomy, I 100% “get it” what the student should be feeling, and why the process of moving bodies is very important. Marianne’s creative activities helped me relax and understand the subjects. I am so happy I was introduced to the sutras by the Marianne Wells Yoga School! Marianne’s passion and Ron’s insightful fun energy made each day a joy! I get it! Yoga is more than asana 🙂 My favorite part is how well thought-out each part of everyday was. Yoga is life. No more, no less. Let-That Shit-Go! 🙂

Chris (London)

If you want to become an RYT with Yoga Alliance, or just better your knowledge with a Yoga Training Retreat, we can help.

Join me for your Yoga Training Retreat in Dominican Republic

Experience for yourself an exotic journey that is both inspiring and unforgettable! A destination like no other, your yoga teacher training journey in Mexico will be a passage of inner discovery that will embrace you on all levels, body-mind-soul. Are you ready to experience the Really Real difference? Learning to live mindfully balanced for the rest of your life!

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