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Prepare yourself for something special on the tropical island of Bali! Nestled among a small island chain in the Indian Ocean, Bali is the “Island of the Gods” Journey through mystical forested volcanic mountains, hundreds of sacred temples, sweeping views of terraced rice fields, and stunning beaches.
Experience the beautiful Balinese people, where they always greet you with a smile.
Discover the rich culture of this island life, and thrive in light and love. Known for supporting the yoga community, Bali will inspire you to seek what has been seeking you all this time. 
Come with us as we stay in stylish accommodations with full modern amenities, stunning yoga spaces, and delicious authentic local cuisine sourced locally and prepared by talented chefs.Experience  Balinese luxury with all the comforts of home, served by those who are there to care for you – always with an authentic smile on their faces. 
Known as the spiritual heart of Indonesia, Bali’s magic connects us to Earth and one another. Shrines carved into cliffs and ancient temples will inspire you to slow down and live life simply. The people of Bali openly display their reverence for their spiritual existence. The beautiful Balinese architecture is attuned to the surroundings unique to each location- lush rainforest, picturesque rica terraces, seaside beaches – all built to live in harmony with nature. 
Bali attracts a conscious community for those seeking health and higher living. Bali will elevate as it inspires.  We invite you to connect, learn, play, grow together in a new way of life. Enjoy surfing, hiking, mountains, tropical flora and fauna, yoga everywhere, and the unique cultural heritage, A sanctuary for the senses, Bali’s beauty will bring tranquility to your mind, peace to your soul, and more love than you can image in your heart. 
Immerse yourself in the vibrancy of this culture. Awaken your senses as you gain balance in nature –  nurturing your body-mind-soul. Discover for yourself Bali‘s amazing rich cultural heritage. Your soul will be forever touched, and Bali promices to create memories you will never forget.
• Pura Tanah Lot – a rock and a Hindu pilgrimage temple
• Uluwatu Temple – Balinese Hindu sea temple located in Uluwatu
• Pura Ulun Danu Bratan – located on the shores of Lake Bratan in the mountains near Bedugul
• Tirta Empul Temple – Hindu Balinese water temple located near the town of Tampaksiring
• Taman Ayun Temple
• Taman Saraswati Temple Ubud
• Gunung Lebah Temple Campuhan Ubud
• Goa Lawah Temple Klungkung
• Gunung Kawi Temple
• Besakih Temple
• Mount Batur – active volcano 
• Ubud Monkey Forest
• The Nusa Islands – three islands on the south east tip of Bali
• The Sidemen Valley – natures lovers paradise, toward the central east island
• Sekumpul Waterfalls – located in the central northern part of island
• Canggu – trendest destination
• Ubud – artistic heart of Bali
• Tegalalang and Jatiluwih Rice Terraces – known as best rice terraces in Bali
•  Bukit Peninsula beaches – south west coast 
• Seminyak – sophisticated upscale area with beautiful beaches and chill vibe
• Kuta Beach – on western side of island, known as most popular destination

Yoga Training Bali Details

Most frequent questions and answers for our RYT Bali Certification Retreat

You will fly into Ngurah Rai International Airport, the airport code is DPS. I advise arriving a few days early to ease into the new time zone, and be ready on our first day together in training.

There are several hotels / resorts to stay at around the airport. I recommend, The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali, or The Hilton Garden Inn.

Excellent. I always make sure that our locations have a internet connection that is fast and reliable.

Water is very healing, so I always contract with resorts / homes very close to the ocean.

What is the difference between your 200 & 300 programs?
Our foundational 200 hour yoga teacher training is a wonderful introduction to the rich history of  yoga.  You will learn why the ancient teachings are relevant today and how to apply them to your everyday life and in teaching others.  Teaching techniques, study of energetic systems (chakras and doshas), study of anatomy that is most relevant for a yoga teacher to know are hallmarks of our 200 hour training.
Our 300 hour yoga teacher training retreats are divided into three 100 hour modules. Each designed to bring you much deeper into your study of yoga, both in teaching and in personal lifestyle practice. Advance your understaning, personal practice, and teaching technique with these three deeper dives into yoga.
Can I take the modules in any order?
Yes! Marianne specifically design this advanced training to be extremely flexible. Each module stands on its own.  The advanced modular program is designed to fit the needs and interests – in the time allotted to each retreat, the period of study in preparation, the application of each module into your personal practice and teaching, and the approach to each of the distinctive modules.
Can I attend the advanced training modules if my 200 hour training is from another school?
Yes you can! If you did not attend Marianne Wells Yoga School for your 200 hour YTT,  we request that you speak to Marianne in advance of registration. We want to confirm that your prior school 200 hour training  taught yoga philosophy and applied anatomy, and created a sequence and taught it as part of your prior curriculum guidelines. If your prior training did not cover these topics in depth, it may simply mean that you may need to work a bit more in preparation for these advanced modules.
Can I take one of your modules for 100 hours credit?
Yes. At the end of each module you will receive a 100 hour certificate from Marianne Wells Yoga school. However know that there is no such thing under the Yoga Alliance guidelines as a 400-RYT. The Yoga Alliance has “200-RYT” and “300-RYT” and + “500 E-RYT” That is all. So if you take just one module you can use those hours as continuing education credits.
What else, other than take your modules, is required to complete my 300?
For each module there are pre attendance assignments. They are not complicated. They are designed to help shift your mind into the modules teachings. There is nothing you need to do after you take a modular training retreat.
What kind of support do I have before and after the training modules?
Each training forms a kula of like-minded people from around the world. We use Facebook and Insta gram, and LinkedIn to stay connected, both in personal and professional settings.  Many students meet through our training,  and forge personal and business relationships. We also offer lifelong professional mentoring to our students.  With students in over 60 countries around the world, it is getting easier each year to meet a teacher that attended Marianne Wells Yoga School.  It’s a beautiful thing!
How much time do I have to complete the three modules to earn my 300?
Five years is recommended. The best thing you can do for yourself is to commit with dedication to this process. Ideally, if you could take one module each year, and process of the teachings from that module, you will have absorbed and implement the teachings into your life.

Bali YTT Instructor Retreat Package

Comfortable dorms, double, triple, and quad rooms available. Includes air conditioning

Bali LUX instructor retreat Package

Get our deluxe single lodging with private room and en suite bathroom. Includes air conditioning. 

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Meet Marianne – Your E-RYT Instructor

For the deeply devoted students of yoga, a pilgrimage to India is inevitable. For me that journey was planned and derailed three times. The first was when my children were young, and braces out bid my funds for a trip. The second was the tragedy of 9-11, and the third was my sister's passing. I am a firm believer in listening to the Universe. I always accepted knowing that the divine plan for my spiritual growth was something more. A path I had not yet seen in my life. It was an Ayurveda Astrologist (Vedic astrology known as Jyoti astrology) who brought to my attention that India was not the right place for me, and that was the reason why my trips never happened. “Those trips were not meant to be”. He informed me that my spiritual journey would take place on an island in Indonesia, Bali. I tucked his reading away in my desk and never gave much thought, until… A dear student who has become a daughter to me, you know her as Holly my amazing photographer. I gave Holly the task to find me a location in Costa Rica or Jamaica. She returned with her face sparkling in joy and showed me a list of locations, all in Bali! I remembered my reading and knew that this was the time the Universe had in mind. Bali, the island of the gods, exotic, tranquil, rich in spiritual traditions, and the best part “Bali brings me back to me.”
Marianne Wells
E-RYT 500 Certified instructor


I’ve been taking yoga for eight years now, never have I felt the love as with Marianne’s teachings.

Tracy (Canada)

“I arrived to this training already 200RYT by Core Power Yoga. I can’t believe how much more I learned from Marianne and Ron!!! At CP we were taught to memorize scripts, at Marianne Wells Yoga School we were taught anatomy and how it applies to the individual, mental fluctuations and dosha imbalances and how those apply to the individual. I always struggled because I knew there was more to yoga, Marianne and Ron are the source for so much more than simple knowledge, they are the source of wisdom from yogas origins and from decades of experience in teaching yoga. Thank you for this beautiful journey.”

Lucy (Spain)

“I’ve learned the value of Really Real Yoga! Marianne teaches you what yoga is all about. My heart has grown so much. I am forever grateful for Marianne, Ron and the teaching assistants who took care of us.”

Anna (Sweden)

“Marianne’s morning classes were magical. I am a first responder, however, this training gave me a deeper physical understanding of my own body. I really enjoyed the sutras. The activities we did helped to raise our vibrations and awareness. Marianne has the power to not only facilitate an amazing experience, she can also read and channel energy in a nurturing environment. Really Real Yoga® approach gave me the confidence and foundation to become the yoga teacher I want to be and know I can be. This whole experience was really “life skills” in a yoga package. This experience made me think deeply on my own health and life. I am returning home empowered to make changes that I have needed to in my life for some time now. Marianne and Ron, you are changing lives with your work and I feel privileged to have had this opportunity.”

Megan (London)

If you want to become an RYT with Yoga Alliance, or just better your knowledge with a Yoga Training Retreat, we can help.

Join me for your Yoga Training Retreat in Bali

Experience for yourself an exotic journey that is both inspiring and unforgettable! A destination like no other, your yoga teacher training journey in Bali will be a passage of inner discovery that will embrace you on all levels, body-mind-soul. Are you ready to experience the Really Real difference? Learning to live mindfully balanced for the rest of your life!

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