Curated Yoga teacher training

Are you ready to manifest your ideal yoga teacher training retreat?

Introducing a new way to offer Yoga Teacher Trainings.
I created “Curated Yoga Teacher Trainings” in response to how our lives have changed through recent world events. When you join me, you are the curator of your yoga training retreat! Customized to meet your needs, this new way to study is the perfect opportunity to experience the life changing promise of yoga.
Together we will choose the ideal time of year and destination. You and I will plan together – creating an exceptional collaboration that moves away from life’s distractions, and moves toward that peaceful space of presence, where you can discover your life’s purpose in deeper ways, helping you reach your full potential.
Rediscover what it means to connect with other like-minded people. Every month we will meet and greet new arrivals into our supportive community. As we grow in commitment, cultivating our understanding with one another, we will develop a flow that is the secret to manifesting.
I will guide our group through the wisdom I’ve acquired through 20+ years of leading international retreats in six countries – bringing you to a higher level of learning. As we actively work together in our unique collective, you will learn first hand exactly how and why the yoga business is what it is today.

“What you seek is also seeking you” ~ Rumi

The heart of my trainings have always been to arrive in that space of tranquility, where you settle into the messages of your life’s calling. Break away from your daily habits, slow down, and rediscover yourself. This time away from your daily life will provide the space needed to find exactly what you seek.
Are you ready to take the next step towards this amazing experience?
The first concept to consider is when are you available. What time of year can you commit to? Can you travel from your country? Do you have time off from work or school? Do you have child care already in place? Do you have special events like weddings and graduations in the upcoming year?
My training retreats have always been in special locations that are in flow with abundant nature all around. Where we learn from the rhythm nature, are nurtured and cared for by loving souls that bring the oneness of existence into our hearts. Locations being considered – Greece, Italy, Spain, Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica.
I have always strived to provide the best experience for the most reasonable rate for my attendees. Your cost will be between $4000 – $5000, depending on the location we choose, and the amount of time at that location. Included will be – lodging, meals, local and national taxes, travel insurance as mandated by local laws.
This is my life’s work, and I would be ecstatic to support you in your journey.
If you choose to continue with me, send me an email to set up a call.

Meet Marianne – Your E-RYT Instructor

Being named "The best Yoga Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica” has been decades in the making. I studied with BKS Iyengar, Desikachar, Pandit Tigunait, Gurmukh -  learning from these great masters of yoga. Most importantly how to bring those teaching into my life and pass them along to you has become my passion, my purpose! I’m here to show you how to be the best version of yourself through discovering who you are and why your soul chose your body in this lifetime. In knowing why we truly are, there is a devout honesty and authenticity in your yoga teaching. At Marianne Wells Yoga School we go way beyond the asanas, bringing the teachings of yoga and Ayurveda to life and how they relate to your life today. Learn how to be a great yoga teacher, and you will learn how to eat, sleep, love, practice, breathe, meditate, and know your purpose here on earth! Join me in a beautiful destination, and let’s raise the vibration of this planet and the universe as a whole.

Marianne Wells
E-RYT 500 Certified instructor

“Stop reading now and just go register for this training!!! The way Marianne and Ron teach is incredible. Postures that I never could get into in my life, somehow magically with Marianne’s words, there I was, in postures, comfortable, breathing, with or without props. The way they SEE the individual and exactly what the practitioner needs in every moment amazed me. I am forever hooked on Really Real Yoga®.”

Jessica (Germany)

“This training was so thoughtful, so planned, so smart! I had no idea just how much this experience would change my life – personally and professionally.”

Rachel (Denmark)

“This course is fantastic! Ron and Marianne you really are fantastic and inspirational people. The amount of energy you give us is incredible. I did not come here to be a teacher, although now I kind of want to teach, I came here for a life enriching experience. I will bring so much of what I learned into my life. Thank you from the bottom of my very grateful heart!”

Lisa (Canada)

“Thank you for the most spectacular, informative, and genuine experience together as a group. You poured yourself into this training for all of us and it shows. If I manage to soak up even 1/10 of that wisdom I will be , and indeed I am, a better person for it. Thank you for everything!”

Randy (USA)

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With thousands of certified instructors from over 60 countries around the world, we are shifting the way we think of yoga today. Bringing back the REAL in a healthy, happy purposeful lifestyle. Be a part of this community with our 300hr YTT.
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