Marianne Wells Yoga School | 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification
Learn yoga from an expert with over 30 years of experience in teaching beginner and advanced classes. Register today for one of our upcoming classes.
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Foundational Teacher Training Overview


This 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training gives you the proper foundation for teaching yoga. This professional certification training prepares you to teach safely, teach confidently and teach knowledgeably. You’ll learn the basic principles, essential elements and inner awareness to grow your understanding and your practice of yoga. Uncover how to embody what you teach through an integrated, hands-on approach.


This 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is true immersion at its finest. Upon completion of the training, you will earn a 200 hour certificate and be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance and continue your education with the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training programs.  Marianne carefully selects her resort partners in Costa Rica to provide comfortable and secure lodging accommodations, delicious gourmet meals, inspiring study areas, all set in lush, tropical environments.  The perfect retreat for getting away from day to day worries of life to allow time for self study and contemplation in an oceanside setting.

Teacher Training Curriculum

Techniques & Practice

  • Explore modifications in asanas to best benefit the practitioner, including the use of props.
  • Develop an eye for alignment, mastering how to make verbal cues and safe and smart hands-on adjustments.
  • Master practical systems; pranayama, meditation, chanting, kriyas.
  • Design balanced joyful classes with smart sequencing of postures.


Teaching Methods & Styles

  • Master steady postures through in depth Iyengar Yoga study.
  • Be skilled in: Vinyasa, Ashtanga Primary Series, Kundalini, Tibetan, Tantra, Restorative.
  • Understand yoga for children, for seniors, for pre / post natal students.
  • Develop your own teaching style based on who you are and who you can be!


Anatomy & Physiology

  • Study physical, subtle anatomy, physiology of the body systems.
  • Work with injuries, demonstrate alignment principles, prevention.
  • Applied yoga therapy; learn how to work with pain, injuries, and many health conditions.
  • Assigning “yoga homework” to your students.
  • Experience yoga’s benefits and healing energies, chakras, nadis, etc.


Yoga Philosophy & Yoga Lifestyle

  • In depth study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
  • Learn how to apply yoga’s philosophy into your practice and life.
  • In depth study of the Yamas and Niyamas as they apply to your life and your teaching.
  • Know how nutrition and lifestyle affect yourself and your students.



  • Learn by doing – some of our most fun learning days. Teach a variety of mini-classes throughout the training with constructive feedback from your peers.
  • Learn sequencing and staging of classes.
  • Understand how to teach any and all students simultaneously with effective cueing and voice, use of props, alternative poses for the individual.


Being a Yoga Professional

  • Understand professional ethics and the business of yoga.
  • Business of yoga; develop your brand, marketing, advertising, legal, financials.
  • Continuing education, building community and being connected in life.
  • Yoga Alliance and IAYT registry and membership.

Please read this web site completely, get to know Marianne’s background, yoga style and philosophy, and the outcomes of this program. It will be beneficial to broaden your yoga experience prior to attending this training. My advice is always the same: read as much as you can about yoga philosophy and history, the anatomy of yoga, and the various styles of yoga; and take as many different classes from a variety of instructors in different venues as possible. A broad experience base and an open mind will serve you well in this training course. You will be required to bring a yoga mat, optional yoga blocks, a strap and recommended reading that will be assigned once you are registered.

Included in Your Tuition
  • Group bus transportation from San Jose to resort and return trip at end of training. You must be present at departure times or will need to arrange alternative transportation at your cost.
  • Lodging Accommodations of your choice with comfortable and restful rooms, comfortable beds, fans, en suite bathrooms, daily maid service, linens.
  • Three delicious gourmet vegetarian meals daily – drinking water, coffee, tea, fresh juices.
  • Comprehensive Yoga Alliance teacher training with Marianne Wells – E 500 RYT and her support staff
  • Yoga Training manual written by Marianne Wells
  • 200 hours of accredited study – upon successful completion students receive their professional certification from Marianne Wells Yoga School – a Yoga Alliance registered school,  and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance
  • Ongoing professional mentoring from Marianne Wells after successful completion of the studies


Not included in your tuition:

  • Airfare
  • Additional ground transportation other than group bus from San Jose to the resort and back
  • Travel Insurance
  • Yoga books for studies
Flights & Ground Transportation

Arrival and departure dates are listed on the individual training sessions, located on the Calendar and Registration page. Fly into San Jose (SJO) airport no later than the Friday prior to training start date, and spend the night in San Jose. Your tuition includes riding in a group bus early Saturday morning for our first day at the resort.  Details on pick up locations and times will be emailed prior to training.


For travel to The Goddess Garden in Cahuita on the Caribbean coast:

  • The airport you will fly into is Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) located in San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • Arrive to San Jose at least by the Friday prior to training start date.
  • The drive is a beautiful 4 hour drive through mountains, national parks, plantations, and along the coast.
  • If traveling on your own, plan to arrive to Cahuita by 2pm.
  • Group ground transportation is included in your tuition provided you are available at bus departure times early mornings.
  • Your departure flight should be no earlier than 1pm on departure day to allow for transit time and pre-boarding check-in requirements.

“Words cannot really describe the experience I had as a student of Marianne Wells. When I did my training in August of 2008 I had no idea how profoundly my life would change. Marianne’s knowledge, compassion, understanding of the complexities of relationships and the human experience is unparalleled. She teaches from her heart while allowing the student to find and follow his/her own path. Marianne’s own in-depth studies of the multi-layered subject of Yoga creates a curriculum that flows seamlessly from one day to the next, one subject to the next and one experience to the next. Her approach to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali takes an ancient text and applies it without effort to the modern world. Her vast knowledge of the asanas with great attention paid to proper posture alignment and safety provide the student with a plethora of knowledge to begin teaching once the program is finished, creating an environment where the student can form his/her own style. Beyond the teacher is an amazing and compassionate mentor and friend. In the years since I graduated, Marianne has continued to help me on my path. With the knowledge I gained I have opened two Yoga studios since 2008. This dream was made possible through Marianne’s training. She taught me to trust myself and find the strength to live the life I was meant to live. I can always count on her to guide me in her own loving way. There are never any masks with Marianne. She is a true person in every sense of the word. She practices what she teaches and lives life with an open heart that allows her unique light to shine. I thank God everyday for guiding my path in life to Marianne.” ~ Colleen Verton E-RYT, Studio Owner – Woodstown & Swedesboro, NJ


“Words will never do justice for the experience I had learning from this Master of Yoga. Marianne Wells will forever be my teacher, my master and guide on my journey in yoga and beyond. Attending her school changed my life on levels beyond ones eyes. Marianne taught me what it was to be Yoga, to teach yoga, to live yoga and to guide others on their yoga journey. The key is that the lessons are beyond ‘how to do poses’ and they are a microcosm of life. I can say with confidence and through personal experience that what you learn during your time with Marianne will forever live in your heart, practice and actions. I am beyond gratitude and every time I practice or teach I reflect what I learned and continue to learn from my time spent with Marianne and our training group. You will do yourself a favor, personally, professionally, spiritually or whatever it is you seek to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to practice with a living Master who is what she practices and teaches.” ~ Joe Sarti 200RYT, Acupuncturist, Exercise Physiologist


“Marianne Wells helped me uncover the teacher within. I never thought I would be able to teach but found the courage during her training. She provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to teach a yoga class without losing that deeper level of what Yoga has always been for me, a spiritual practice. Marianne teaches this and it is beautiful. We not only learn to teach Yoga, we learn how to live it both on and off the mat. I was confident enough after the training and a few years teaching here and there to leave a corporate job and I now teach Yoga full time. Many blessings to Marianne for all she has awakened in me. If you want to be challenged, to awaken to your full potential as a teacher, or even just to awaken that inner Yogi within a little more, Marianne Wells is a teacher for you.” ~ Jeff Boardley 200RYT, Studio Owner – Canton, OH


“For anyone considering another training program, please research carefully. Marianne is, without question, one of the brightest lights in today’s yoga teaching community. Her teaching is inspiring and challenging, providing her students with unmatched training. We leave her program forever changed with the confidence and knowledge to make a genuine impact in people’s lives. In a time when there are countless fly-by-night certification mills pushing out poorly skilled “teachers,” Marianne’s graduates play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and dignity of our rich yogic heritage. Thank you so much Marianne for your love, wisdom, honesty, and passion!” ~ Chris Lane 200 RYT, Studio Owner – Kingswood, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Yoga Teacher?

Many yoga studios and instructors offer some type of teacher certification process. They may vary in length and intensities. Some occur on weekends, others daily for partial or full days for a number of weeks. All should require you to complete the curriculum in full and demonstrate a capacity to teach others. Please look at the Yoga Alliance website for curriculum requirements they mandate for registered yoga schools (RYS).


Is your yoga teacher training appropriate for me? Am I ready?

When a person heads off to college, they generally have an interest in their field of study but rarely the experience. They take a series of courses, each building upon the next, within their discipline that expands their overall knowledge and skill. That’s pretty much the same purpose behind any type of yoga training. You needn’t have a decade of yoga experience under your belt to decide you’d like to teach the practice. It simply starts with a desire. If you feel you want to teach, yoga teacher training will give you a practical understanding of the art and expose you to a diverse number of styles or possibly only one style. That being said, the more training you have can only strengthen your expertise. To this day, I still seek out different training sessions to develop my personal practice and what I can offer my students.


Over the years of my teaching, I’ve tried many different program lengths or structures and found that this particular timeframe works the best for many people. Besides the fact that most people don’t have a wealth of vacation at their disposal or are unable to get away for an entire month, it’s really best to learn and then put into practice. It’s much like the people who’ve participated in The Biggest Loser. While on the show, their path to weight-loss and fitness is far more straightforward. Temptations are kept at bay, time is structured, and focus is maintained by others. Once they go back to their own world, the true test begins. Only then will they experience genuine success since they are now able to put into practice all they’ve learned. A teacher only provides you with the history, theory, teachings, and practice, all very important provisions. It’s you who puts yourself into it.


How does the immersion experience differ from weekend training?

Weekend training sessions meet for up to 20 weekends at one or a few locations. I started training others in this format, but found the distractions of life really impeded the progress of my students – particularly working parents of children.


The immersion style or intensive is a very focused timeframe where the student will live with the other students and usually the teacher(s) during their training.  Some are conducted at ashrams or other spiritual centers, but many are held at retreat locations.  Many trainings conducted over a longer period of time require that you participate in the housekeeping or cooking duties as part of doing your share of the work.


Typically the immersion training sessions have daily practice of yoga, meditation, instruction of varying workshops/ lectures/ discussion groups, philosophy of yoga, and practicum.  Vegetarian or vegan meals are prepared.  Some immersion trainings have cleansing diets as part of the process as well.  Our school resort partners are carefully selected based on proximity to the ocean, safety, outstanding yoga facilities, comfortable lodging, gourmet vegetarian meals, housekeeping and swimming pool.  I feel it is an important part of the yoga tradition to be in nature, as the ancient yogis were when they handed down the tradition to their students.


Immersion trainings of greater than 3 weeks typically have multiple afternoons or entire days off during the session to allow for independent or group activities, travel, excursions, self study, etc.  Most of my students travel before or after their time in the training.  This is not to say there isn’t some independent time available in my training, just that we have a lot to do to accomplish your goals and get there in a fun way.  My students with extra days to travel can do what they want on their schedule either before or after their training.


What is your predominant style?

First off, I was raised in a yoga household so I’ve been studying some form of yoga since I was a child. When I was older, I had the opportunity to study under BKS Iyengar and Gurmukh Khalsa. But if you were to classify it, I’d say I was close to Hatha with a tendency towards Flow. With that said, I truly believe that every teacher has their own original style, taking from what they’ve learned, be it a combination of Kundalini and Ashtanga or Bikram and Vinyasa, and incorporating it into their practice. You see, there is only one Marianne Wells in this world as there is only one you. So you could be a second-rate someone else or a first-rate original. You define your own style and provide your gifts to yoga.


Will I be ready to teach after the training? Can I be a registered yoga teacher?

I tell my students that I will do everything I can to provide the training and tools to make you the best yoga teacher you can be.  Authentic. Original.  Teaching what you know and knowing what you teach.  It is up to you to decide if you are ready to teach others.  The best way to do so is to just start following your training, drawing upon the knowledge and experiences from the training. You will grow, learn, and develop into a wonderful yoga teacher with dedication and daily effort.  The ability to successfully teach others yoga goes farther than a proper yoga foundation.  It requires faithful and honest examination of what yoga teaches you about yourself in your personal practice.  This approach is proven with the success of my students teaching in 52 countries around the world.  Light the fire in others and the gifts of yoga will spread.  Upon successful completion you will receive a certification from Marianne Wells Yoga School, a registered yoga school (500RYS) located in Costa Rica with Yoga Alliance.  You are then eligible to become a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance.