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300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Retreat

Continue your yoga education and expand your knowledge and practice with Marianne Wells’ Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Developed through years of study by Marianne Wells, this 300 hour advanced curriculum will:

  • Deepen your knowledge as a yoga practitioner
  • Expand your skill level as a yoga teacher
  • Foster your evolution as a yoga professional

Yoga with advanced elements combines the ancient yogic practices and techniques with a Western approach to self improvement understanding. Perfect for those who assume they “can’t do it,” this advanced yoga teaching is a process of adapting yoga to the needs of the individual. While yoga can be viewed as a preventative lifestyle, incorporating these elements can:

  • Enhance the human condition for improved general well-being
  • Restore the balance between the body-mind connection
  • Improve one’s outlook in life

Prepare yourself for a profound curriculum learning how to incorporate postures, pranayama, and meditation as complementary yogic techniques, allowing the individual to enhance their physical, mental, and spiritual life. Together, this 300 hour yoga training offers the highest standards of personal growth- awakening self-awareness on every level.

Marianne has created three 10-day immersion retreats.

Each a module is designed to authentically inspire devotional life shifts.

You may attend the modules in any order.


The Art of Teaching Yoga™

100 of 300 Hours Offered


108 Yummy Adjustments™

100 of 300 Hours Offered


Radical Relaxation™

100 of 300 Hours Offered

The hours of study from the 300-hour Therapeutically-Oriented Yoga Training can be applied toward a 500-hour RYT certification through Yoga Alliance. Registration for this session is open.

Marianne Wells Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance Registered School. Marianne Wells is a Yoga Alliance certified E-500 RYT.

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Techniques & Practice

  • Expand your experience and utilize pranayama breathing to its greatest capabilities
  • Strengthen the theory and application of pranayama practices
  • Explore the principles of stress and anxiety reduction through Ayurveda and yoga

Advanced Yoga Teaching Methods

  • Master holistic sequencing for your type and energetic efficiency
  • Establish Yoga practices to help balance mental outlook, including improved understanding of the: sensory system, brain, mind, role of emotions
  • Refine asana learning for improved overall well-being
  • Assimilate Yoga’s role in dealing with addiction, recovery, trauma, etc.
  • Help others sleep better with yoga nidra for relaxation and pain management
  • Develop a personalized yoga model by learning how to modify yoga for the individual
  • Practice integrating meditation to serve the mind
  • Master methods for managing and improving a variety of conditions

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Deepen your understanding of anatomy related to functional physiology
  • Study traditional and energetic anatomy and physiology suitable for teaching advanced yoga
  • Develop practices focusing on mind-body solutions of subtle anatomy health
  • Apply advanced yoga methods for: muscles, bones, joints, cardiovascular, circulatory, respiratory, integumentary, immune, lymphatic, digestive, urinary, nervous, and endocrine systems
  • Understand the aging body, reviewing affected systems, physiology, psychology, social features
  • Applying yoga to address cognitive, emotional, and physiological symptoms associated with PTSD

Yoga Philosophy & Yoga Lifestyle

  • Learn holistic nutrition – explore the science of food and its relationship to helath physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Incorporate an Ayurvedic diet for living consciously and compassionately
  • Advance your Ayurveda knowledge to help balance the Doshas and disorders related to Dosha imbalance
  • Apply philosophical wisdom from the sages and Bhagavad Gita
  • Study Vedic prayers and mantras that work in harmony with the greater web of life
  • Learn ethical application of yoga techniques in western health care system today
  • Refine cross-training techniques that serve yoga’s many paths to Spirituality


  • Apply yoga skills in small groups
  • Become proficient in physical evaluations of clients and case monitoring
  • Cultivate a strong asana practice for optimal mind-body well-being
  • Design energetic sequencing practices to improve overall well-being

The Business of Yoga

  • Understand your yoga business from both a local and global perspective
  • Be aware of the legal requirements you are responsible for as well as what yoga studio’s are responsible for
  • Build your brand through social media and modern marketing methods
  • Build your student following and understanding appropriate boundaries
  • Build community and being connected in life
  • Yoga Alliance registry and membership
  • Continuing Education and the best self care for YOU!

Please read this website completely in order to understand Marianne’s background, yoga style and philosophy, and the outcomes of this program. It will be beneficial to broaden your yoga experience prior to attending this training. Read as much as you can about yoga philosophy and history, the anatomy of yoga, and the various styles of yoga, and take as many different classes from a variety of instructors in different venues as possible. A broad experience base and an open mind will serve you well in this training course.

  • A 200-hour TTC from a Registered Yoga School is required for 300-hour training.

Required Reading

  • Lodging Accommodations with comfortable and restful rooms, comfortable beds, en suite bathrooms, and maid service.
  • Three delicious gourmet vegetarian meals daily – drinking water, coffee, tea, fresh juices.
  • Comprehensive Yoga Alliance teacher training with Marianne Wells – E RYT-500 and faculty
  • Yoga Training manual written by Marianne Wells
  • 300 hours of accredited study – upon successful completion, students receive their professional certification from Marianne Wells Yoga School – a Yoga Alliance registered school, and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance for their RYT-500
  • Ongoing professional mentoring from Marianne Wells after successful completion of the program

Not included in your tuition:

  • Airfare
  • Ground transportation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Yoga books for studies

Arrival and departure dates are listed on the individual training sessions, located on the Calendar and Registration page. You are responsible for your own travel arrangements to and from the training.

“Marianne’s training gave me everything I needed to become who I want to be: a successful, genuine yoga in-structor. The program is incredibly well rounded and gives you the benefit of exploring the vast universe of yogic thought, practice, and industry. The intensive schedule is most conducive to the learning process; you are separated from the push/pull of your typical life and you get to fully immerse yourself and learn what is truly possible. Marianne is the center of all of this. Her extensive knowledge and experience rolls off her tongue with no pretense. I was personally stretched in every aspect: physically, mentally, and spiritually. I had to check my ego at the door and that to me, is what yoga is all about. And Marianne fully embodies that idea and practice.” ~ Ryan LaBonte, 200 RYT

“I truly and thoroughly recommend Marianne Wells Yoga School. I attended my first training (200h) in August 2013 and my second training (300h, Yogatherapy) in April 2014 in Costa Rica. Marianne is an incredible, amaz-ing, and inspirational teacher. She teaches with professionalism, and is full of knowledge, wisdom, love and compassion. She guides, supports, and challenges every student to her/his needs, within their capabilities. Her intuitive and sensitive way allows everybody to grow – on and off the mat. Together with her husband, Ron, and their TAs, they make a great team. In Anatomy and Sutra lessons, Ron’s teachings are comprehensive, relative, adaptable, and allow for deep philosophical discussions. The TAs provide great assistance, organization, and help in every way possible. Both trainings were deeply inspirational experiences and I could not be prepared any better to make my own yoga path!” ~ Sabine Arning, 200 RYT

“Marianne helped me uncover insight into myself and discover a voice I’ve never had before. She showed me all the ways to use yoga as a healing tool and how to effectively integrate props into a practice. During training, I became deeply connected to the universe and had one of the deepest spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. Mari-anne’s curriculum made for an unforgettable experience that made clear for me my purpose on this earth. I will highly recommend their program to anyone who would ask.”~ Maribel Melendez, 200 RYT

“Marianne Wells Yoga School is more than just getting a “certification”. I truly was able to explore myself on and off the mat. I learned so much about yoga aside from the physical practice and how to incorporate those spiritual aspects into my teaching. Marianne is truly a Godsend. I have done many trainings, workshops, etc. But, I have never felt the genuineness from anyone that I felt with Marianne. She honestly cares for every one of her students and she sees the potential in everyone. In just the short time of getting to know her, I can hon-estly say she is one of the strongest people I know. I love her passion for what she does and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.” ~ Alison Cantrill, 200 RYT

“Marianne’s training left me refreshed, centered, energized, and with a clearer mind. Her depth of knowledge amazes me; she is always coming up with something fresh and new to add to the class. She has a real talent for accommodating those who like a more vigorous practice, as well as those who need to be gentler on their bodies – this is seamlessly done all in the same class. Marianne has a special way of including the spiritual aspect of yoga into her classes that accommodates all individuals, wherever they are on their spiritual journey. A significant amount of Marianne’s training is devoted to moving beyond the physical asana practice of yoga, which prepared me immensely as a teacher. And now, the feedback I receive from my students is incredibly positive and encouraging.” ~ Rochell Gifford, 200 RYT

“I came into Marianne’s training looking for the roots, the philosophy, the rituals, and the understanding of yoga’s historical influence. I came looking to become a teacher that has something to offer students beyond a gym class or a five-minute, misguided meditation. I found all of that and more. During the two weeks spent in Costa Rica, my philosophies of leading a more conscious lifestyle, mind body and spirit, were finally more fruitfully exercised. Marianne provided the groundwork of teaching really real yoga to take home with me. I have such gratitude for the teaching methods and curriculum she introduced us to. I’ve found my spirit’s fire, and I’ve reconnected with the parts of myself that are often ignored. I never want to let that flame die out and I hope to cultivate these teachings until my ripe old age. I will always be grateful to Marianne for what she’s given me.” ~ Sam Roman, 200 RYT

“Marianne takes time to get to know all of her students individually in her own nurturing way. She encourages us to teach with compassion, to acknowledge differences in our students and to understand how to properly cue them into poses. Marianne offers constructive feedback so you know what is appropriate, what works for your students, and what doesn’t work. Marianne has such a breadth of knowledge due to her many years of teaching. She teaches not only Iyengar, but Ashtanga, Kundalini, Tibetian, Hatha, the Chakras and much more. For me, the two weeks at Marianne Wells Yoga School was absolutely the best choice and Marianne’s style and warmth made all the difference.” ~ Sabrina Reynolds, 200 RYT

“This experience was one of the most special in my 46 years! It was truly transformational and Marianne is a phenomenal teacher.” ~ Kim Crawford, 200 RYT

Who is the 300-hour training suitable for?
Our 300-hour advanced training is designed to build upon and deepen the trainee’s understanding of the fundamental concepts of teaching yoga that are generally taught at the 200-hour level. The completion of a 200-hour teacher training and a consistent yoga practice are the prerequisites for the 300-hour program. The 300-hour training is a more in depth training designed for those already out there teaching yoga to expand their skill level and deepen their knowledge as a yoga practitioner.

Do I need my 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification prior to attending the 300 Hour Therapeutically-Oriented Yoga Training?
You need a 200-hour teacher training certification as a prerequisite to the 300- hour training. This 200hr TTC can be from another school. You do not need to be registered with the Yoga Alliance as n RYT-200 in order to attend this training.

Can I register with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level once I complete your 300-hour training?
Yes, if you have chosen to register your 200-hour training (assuming the school you went to is a Yoga Alliance registered school; Marianne Wells Yoga School Teacher Training is). When you register your 300-hour training credential, your “title” as far as Yoga Alliance is concerned is RYT-500. But again, registering with Yoga Alliance is a personal choice, not a requirement.

What is the certification process?
You will receive a certification from Marianne Wells Yoga School via email once you have successfully completed the 300-hour program.

Can I miss any days or sessions in training?
Attendance is mandatory in all sessions in order to receive a certificate from Marianne Wells Yoga School. Depending on extenuating circumstances, a makeup session may be arranged, but for the consistency and integrity of the program, we insist attendance be mandatory for all students. We will do everything we can to help you complete this training but your presence is absolute. Please read the registration information carefully to understand cancellation and refund policies.

Is your therapeutically-oriented training appropriate for me? Am I ready?
This training is for those who have the realization that there is more to yoga than just asana. When you have the desire to learn the deeper dimensions of healing both body and mind, then this training is appropriate for you. The 300-hour program will take a deeper look at the anatomy of the human body and develop an understanding of what society needs in relation to the business side of Yoga and Therapeutically-Oriented Yoga.

Why are there three separate 10-day trainings?
Three separate 10-day trainings allows for a deeper commitment to the program. If you are committed to the learning process, how to work with people, and how to help them heal, then this is the right training for you. Having a long, uninterrupted immersion training gives you no time to let everything absorb and resonate. This training allows you to go home, assimilate what you learned, and come back for the second and third modules with a new understanding and fresh perspective.