Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Every workshop or speaking engagement I’ve ever been involved with, I always ask people what their life’s purpose is. It’s a simple question with a very difficult answer. I wouldn’t have to ask it if it was easy. Often times, I can tell by the faces that they may have an idea of their purpose but aren’t necessarily sure. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing. Many people need assistance in finding it. That’s why the marketplace has been flooded with books, movies and television shows dedicated to just that. But when you look solely to someone else for the answer and trust that they will tell you, you’ll rarely find it.

So how do you exactly find your life’s purpose? Well, I’d be lying if I told you there was only one method to do so. For years, philosophers have told us that there are many paths to the exact same peak. Some are littered with obstacles and complications, while others are free of obstructions and troubles. Some are unquestionably long and arduous, while others are seemingly short and effortless. Even the same path can be completely different for each person who decides to take it. But they all have one thing in common – the peak.

One of the easiest ways to reach this peak is through the practice of yoga. And this isn’t the metaphysical side I’m speaking of, but the actual corporeal process. As you move from posture to posture, your body must surrender to the pose. You shift your weight, move your legs, change your hands, bend your spine, turn your neck, and so on. If you fight the pose, resist where it wants to take you, you’ll fall or pull a muscle. If you flow with it, breathe through the pose, you’ll achieve it. It may look different from the person practicing next to you – no two people are alike – but you’ve still accomplished it.

As you continue to practice, you’re willingness to surrender to the poses, as opposed to forcing yourself into them, will increase. It will teach you to accept your body as it, see the potential it holds, and understand there is a process to take you there – in due time. And much like life, it is within you to explore the limits and push past them. As you concentrate so intently on surrendering to the poses, you will begin to surrender to life. This surrender isn’t a defeatist submission, but a relinquishing of sorts, an openness to all things that were not before present. As the body, mind and spirit become one, you begin to understand who you are, how life works, where you are in life, and so on.

If you fight against the postures, you will fail. If you surrender to them, you will most definitely succeed. This practice is almost the physical manifestation of your life. If you fight against it, you will go nowhere. If you surrender to it, the potential is endless.

Once you discover the truth of the self, it is only natural that your purpose will soon follow. As I said before, there are many ways to discover your purpose in life. Yoga is probably the easiest as it relies on what is already within you. The potential is already there, you were actually born with it. It’s simply tapping into that is the task at hand.

I always share an insightful bit of information, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

People come to my training to learn about the subject of yoga. To teach. But the truth is, the ones who excel are the ones who find their life’s purpose.

I say it in every class at Marianne Wells Yoga School, “what is your purpose for being here in this class and here on this earth”. That is my tag line, my repeater.

So many feel they cannot find their purpose. Why??? Are they are unsure as to how to get it? Mostly what I have witnessed, is part impatience, part not going through the motions.

The first thing I tell folks is to get off Instagram! I call it “twinkly dust” make-believe. How are we ever to find our purpose if we live in a land of insta-not-in-the-moment.

The steps to finding your life’s purpose are so simple to understand, yet so difficult to carry out. Here you go…

1) all you got to do is remove everything in your life that is causing you trauma and at the same time replace it with what heals…

2) throw a lot of shit at the wall, work your ass off, and them go with what sticks… You want to be successful – then you got to eat it, breath it, and shit it… the experience you get from your efforts will bring you peace. the hard work (action) will get you results.

3) If my heart could do my thinking… purpose is passion. and until you find your passion in life you ain’t ever gonna find happiness. You gotta connect with yourself first. Begin to live from your hearts desire.

4) Like the Steve Jobs speech, connecting the dots backwards also means being flexible in the unfolding of your life’s purpose and seeing the future horizon as the ever changing direction of spiritual growth.

5) Finding your purpose is living a life of action with passion, and this is what really real yoga is all about. As you grow in your roll as a yoga teacher, you will discover by trial and error, how to teach in a proper sequence.

People in physical pain or even mental disturbances, must have a proper set of postures, including pranamaya and meditations, to move them where they need to be.

As you gain confidence, your clients will sense your comfort, and your clients will open up to you more.

You will see for yourself the consistency in their message. I am in pain. I want out of this pain.

This is where Really Real Yoga comes in. Now, let me make this perfectly clear- Really Real Yoga is not a new style of yoga! Really Real Yoga is yoga in it’s purest form- teaching to the student, teaching people not postures.

In my yoga teacher training I will show you the way to seeing people as the individual beings they are. How to develop proper sequencing to help individuals progress in their lives.

As individuals, it is this development of our being that we all have in common. We live in the real world, but it is the eternal world where our soul lives.

As teachers of yoga, we must be skilled in functional progression of not only the tools of yoga’s offerings, but how to offer them to others for their health and healing. Really Real Yoga offers a stronger sense of direction and energy for life.

Once you discover your life’s purpose, a great exhale of relief washes over you. Join me at any one of my training retreats throughout the year in Costa Rica, Bali, Spain, Mexico, and together you discover your life’s purpose. Learn More.


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