How Yoga Helps Ayurveda Rituals Fall Detox

Yoga Rituals – Ayurveda Fall Detox

As the summer months draw to an end, and the trees around us transform in preparation for winter, we too are transitioning from the fire of the summer season to the coolness of the fall season.
A successful transition from the fiery pitta months of summer into the cooler vata months of fall, includes understanding the changes occurring in the Universe and our energy. During the Fall vata season, the winds blow a little stronger and the air becomes a little dryer.

A person with their vata energy in balance will likely not be affected. Those already high in vata qualities can easily become ungrounded and imbalanced — and experience drier skin, scattered emotions, insomnia, constipation, anxiety, and depression.

Helpful actions include keeping to a routine, eating cooked foods at regular times, sticking to steady practice including asana, meditation, pranayama, ayurveda rituals, and staying warm. Always bring a cover up with you including a head cover — especially when the winds blow!

Similar to how Mother Earth detoxifies after every season, we must find ways to include detoxifying exercises into our routines. These actions will help release the accumulation of toxins or “ama” , that are the basis of almost all diseases we see today. Ama can create a barrier to our physical and psychological health — a host to illnesses and diseases.

To help detoxify your digestive system from the accumulation of ama, begin a tongue scraping routine. I know this might sound unusual, but believe me when I say that everyone who has ever tried tongue scraping has continued in amazement because of just how much this process helps their health and well being.

All of us are vulnerable to shifts of the seasons. Our earth transforms in cycles—marked by the changing constellations of the night skies, the seasons of the year, and the migration of animal life in the rhythms of nature. It is important to reflect upon the impermanence within our lives and the inevitability of change — and go with the flow.

By understanding the changes to come, we can more effectively pause and celebrate the delicate and intricate balance of nature and our place within it. Keeping our dosha energies in balance with the flow of nature allows us to be more balanced in life and interactions with others. We are healthier, happier, and can be more resilient to all changes that we encounter.
Below are a few practical ways to incorporate simple yoga Ayurveda rituals into your fall detox routine.


Work on slowing down and staying balanced within your daily routine and your daily practice. Bring mediation and pranayama into your practice to help generate peaceful energy within. View our 30 minute detox vinyasa video to help get you started.


What you eat and how you eat it is very important, especially if you know you are high in vata energy yourself. Try to consume seasonal foods cooked with a little oil — this will help the body digest. Avoid raw and frozen foods, sugar, caffeine, and tobacco. Eat hot cereals, warm soups, nut butters, root vegetables, stews, beans, nuts, rice, sweet fruits, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, and ginger. Try this yummy Three Bean Vegetarian Soup for vata support.


This is the perfect time to bring a sense of grounded stability into your life. Take daily walks in nature to appreciate the changing colors and allow the peaceful grace that the vata months bring to absorb within you. If you are high in vata energy, be sure to dress warmly in layers.


The intensity of life can be very intoxicating to a person high in vata energy. It is very important to maintain a steady rest and sleep schedule. Find a time in your day to rest for at least ten minutes. Set aside your phone, and rest under the sun — breathing in fresh air. Those high in vata energy tend to stay up into the deep hours of the night. Try to maintain a routing sleep schedule.Relaxation is essential. Relax by giving yourself a nice oil massage before a steam bath so the oils can seep into your body before bedtime. Once in bed, turn your lights out by 9 pm. This process of self-care will not only replenish your energy but rejuvenate you throughout the year.


Incorporating daily self-massages with oils helps to stimulate the systems of our body. Some oils to consider utilizing are Abhangya oil, sesame oil, olive oil, and ghee. These are all very grounding and promote relaxation (better sleep), detoxification (better overall health), and skin health (improve texture). Oils to add to the carrier oil can be bergamot, cinnamon, eucalyptus, jasmine, rose, and sandalwood (Iyengar’s signature oil).

Living in tune with seasonal changes, not only helps us be in sync with our changes in life, but it also helps us live with better health and vitality. By aligning ourselves with the natural rhythms of each season, we learn to live tuned-in to our own cycles and the world around us. As we embrace each season for the uniqueness that it is, we grow in our understanding and acceptance of all individuals, and the gifts they have to offer in this world. The more you can weave these wise practices into your daily routine, the more you can thrive. More than any other, may this fall season bring into our hearts gratitude for the moments that are our life.


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