Nourish Naturally

Nourish Naturally

My mother taught me to eat for optimal nourishment and to poo. Being super healthy is really that simple. What does your body need? Each person is very different, some have allergies, some have sensitivities, and some are living with very low levels of nutrients. How can your food consumption travel through the digestive track as easily as possible?

Eating seasonally is always a good idea, and now in an effort to safe the earth even more so. Eat local. Farmers Markets are amazing! The quality of food from farmer’s markets is astronomically better than processed foods, and the price is drastically different as well! Try to go organic. You do not know what they are spraying on the growing fields, and chemicals to super produce and keep the bugs off. These chemicals are extremely dangerous for our bodies. Some people are not even aware that this is happening, so it’s something I try to instill in all my students. Making them aware of the chemicals that are places on, around, and within our produce when they aren’t organic. It’s truly a scary thought, and we wonder why we have such a steep rise in cancers and other diseases. Eventually anything you put in your body that really should not go in your body, has a high risk of becoming cancer, diabetes, stroke, cardio and respiratory diseases.

A quick checklist to use before cooking a meal is below:

1. Food that is great – tasting great is one thing, being great for you is another!

2. Think – balanced recipes to harmonize both body and mind. These food will ensure a strong mind. Nutrients are the body’s fuel! Make sure you’re fueling your body with the highest quality foods. Just like you would put premium gasoline into your sports car!

3. Create Combos! Combinations can help to enhance the amount of nutrients in your meals, as well as enhancing the taste. This is a very big notion within living an Ayurveda lifestyle.

4. Nourish from Nature – garden to kitchen, skip the middle (laboratory) man! Nothing in a bag, box, or bottle. farm to table foods almost always taste better, and will help to ensure your body is running at maximum capacity.

5. Whole Not Parts – whole foods are very important to eat. Don’t eat the processed foods that take parts of the food. You will miss many essential nutrients.

I hope these quick tips will help you to think deeper before your next meal. I ask that you try this for a week, and assess how your body feels. Can you think clearer? Are you less lethargic? Has your bloating decreased? These are all symptoms of lacking essential nutrients on a daily basis. Take the leap. Challenge your friends or partner to do the same and keep each other accountable to living a healthier lifestyle!

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