Student Spotlight @thehealthyyogi

Student Spotlight @thehealthyyogi

I begin 2019 spotlighting a very special student who attended training one year ago this month- Kristina Adam. Kristina brought peace to our days, and brightened each of our experiences. She arrived with an accomplished asana practice, and was seeking more connection to the philosophy of yoga, as well as the underlying therapeutic aspects of how it helps her and others. It is an honor to call her my student.

Why you attended YTT at that point in your life?

I had been doing yoga for a few years, alternating between online videos and going to local yoga studios and at some point I felt like there was more to yoga than I was getting through those classes. I wanted to dive deeper into the philosophy and go beyond yoga as a physical practice. Also, my mother is a yoga teacher and I grew up with her teaching in our living room, so yoga has always been a part of my life through her. Somehow I just knew that the time had come for me to go on my own yoga journey.

I almost signed up for a training at a yoga studio close to my home but luckily decided against it because the idea of an intensive training seemed more appealing to me than weekend sessions. As I began researching intensive trainings online, I kept coming across Marianne’s training and finally decided to trust the guidance and dive into the adventure (and I’m so grateful that I did).

How MWYS inspired you to live your truth, your dharma?

Marianne and Ron’s training is a true soul journey during which I was able to peel back the layers, dig deeper into what lies at the core of my being, and experience authentic, pure soul connections. It felt like I started uncovering something in myself and others that had been there all along – a sense of purpose and oneness that absolutely changed my perception of yoga and life. An understanding that we are all on this earth to give, contribute and serve one another.

Also, watching Marianne and Ron live their dharma through these trainings is incredibly inspiring and I feel so grateful to have been guided their way and to now be able to pass on their teachings.

What would you say to someone looking for a YTT?

Follow your intuition! There are a ton of trainings out there, many of them with a strong focus on the physical side of yoga, leaving out much of the ‘good stuff’ that yoga is actually about. Marianne’s training has ALL the good stuff and more! If you want to understand and teach real yoga, this is the place for you. Ultimately, I’d say look for a couple of trainings that resonate with you, do your research (call them, look at student reviews, etc.) and then take a deep breath, close your eyes and trust that you will be exactly where you need to be.

Tell me about all the good stuff in your life now.

YTT definitely kicked-off my personal spiritual journey and lead me on a beautiful path of self-discovery and healing. Yoga has become my number one self-care ritual and I love love love sharing it with my students, creating a healing space for them to breathe, go within and move to their own rhythm. Through sharing this practice, I’ve connected so deeply with beautiful souls all around me and it’s opened up a lot of doors to new communities, friendships and career opportunities. Lastly, I feel like I’m contributing to the world in a meaningful way and this feeling has made me a happier, more fulfilled person (my yoga classes are always the highlight of my week!).

Kristina Adam

Student Spotlight @thehealthyyogi

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