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Why did you attend the YTT at that point in your life?

Although I went to my first yoga class in 2013, it wasn’t until 2017 that I really found my yoga practice. In 2017, I took a Yin class with a wonderful teacher and realized how much more there was to yoga beyond the physical practice. Growing up in rural southern Illinois, most classes in the area focused only on the physical aspect of yoga. After that first exposure to everything that yoga was, I knew I needed to know more. Initially, I wasn’t even sure I would be a yoga teacher. I just needed to know more about this practice that had already started to change my life.
I wanted to find a yoga school and yoga teacher training (YTT) that felt authentic and was immediately captivated by Marianne‘s “Really Real” approach. After taking so many yoga classes that felt like they had missed the mark, I was drawn to Marianne‘s knowledge and experience of real yoga. I was also drawn to both her and Ron’s kind hearts. Not even a year after taking that yin yoga class, I was signed up for Marianne Wells Yoga School.


How Marianne Wells Yoga School inspired you to live your truth, your dharma?

It can sometimes feel like an overstatement to say something changed your life but Marianne‘s Yoga Teacher Training did. It was a pivotal moment in my life and I still reflect on it often almost 3 years later. Not only did I learn more about all aspects of yoga, but I learned more about myself. After returning home from MWYS, I was more confident in who I was and what I wanted from my life. Less than one year after returning home from YTT, my partner and I sold all of our belongings and began to travel the country full time. It was the best decision of our lives.
Beyond that, MWYS started a lifelong journey of learning and loving myself. I have grown so much from some of the seeds planted during my teacher training. I have been able to share and inspire others through my social media platforms and continue to share my love for yoga online.


What would you say to someone looking for a YTT? 

Do your research. There are so many schools out there now and you really want to make sure you find one that aligns with your values. I knew Marianne Yoga School was the perfect fit for me because of their Really Real approach. I also loved the immersive aspect of this yoga training because it really allowed myself to fully dive in. I was able to speak with both Marianne and Ron before the training and it was evident they were both knowledgeable, kind, and authentic. I also suggest reaching out to past students of the school!


Tell me about all the good stuff in your life now.

I currently travel the country in an RV full time with my partner Ryan and dog Mitzi. I document my travels and share tips on Instagram and TikTok. I also still love to bring yoga to others and have had wonderful opportunities to teach in studios and lead workshops in the midwest area. Currently I periodically host online, donation based yoga classes.



Summer Ginther

Certified Yoga Instructor

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